Teaching Your Kids Healthy Eating Habit- A Battle You Need To Win

Make your children interested in healthy food

Make your children interested in healthy food

If you are a parent, you probably know that it is the most daunting task to make your children do what you want them to do. It is almost like a battle between your belief system and your kid’s belief system. It would be easy to say that most of the times you loose this battle. However, when it comes to eating habits, you cannot afford to loose. Here are some ways to teach your kids eating healthy habits:

Not what you say but what you do

It is an age-old saying and holds true even now. Your children will not do what you tell them to do but will rather do what they see you doing. Children do not like to be preached and do not like a preacher. So if you are having a can of soda and expect your children to have milk or a glass of juice, it is going to backfire some day or mostly children will drink the soda can from the fridge even if you ask them to stop. The more you tell them to stop from not doing or eating something, the more they get attracted towards it. If you want your kids to eat healthy foods, it is your responsibility to create that kind of an environment. Make sure you take one meal with the entire family in a day at least to set the right culture. Stock your fridge with different varieties of healthy food and avoid keeping any unhealthy items like soda, butter, chocolate in the fridge. If you restrain yourself from eating such unhealthy stuff, your children will also stop themselves.

Be creative in your approach

Use your imagination and make it fun

Use your imagination and make it fun

If you need to teach children about healthy eating habits, it would require more than a health workshop or having a chat with them. You have to be creative in teaching them about healthy food. Games are a good way of teaching kids the importance of healthy food. There are many games, which are designed to teach kids about healthy eating habits. These are in arcade, puzzle, adventure and trivia forms and are a fun ways of learning about healthy eating habits. Alternative, you can use Halloween to familiarize kids with those fruits and vegetable he or she never liked.

Children do not liked to be nagged or pushed

Your can't force them to eat

Your can’t force them to eat

In todays time just like adults even children like to have their own space and do not like to be forced in doing or eating something. They have a simple policy. It is give respect to take respect. Therefore, as opposed to the contrary belief let you children decide what they want to eat. If you force them to not to eat something, they will only have more of it or indulge more into it either out of stubbornness or curiosity. Therefore, inform them out of pros and cons and then ask them for their opinion. This makes them feel important and they understand it more because they believe they are being reasoned for it.

In spite of all of this, one thing that is required for you to be successful in this battle is your persistence. Children know how to test your persistence at every step. Therefore, be patient and keep finding new ways to teach your kids about healthy eating habits.

Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Save money on your car insurance

Save money on your car insurance

When you don’t look at your expenses, it can consume all your income. It is also best to check on your expenses regularly so that you know if you are paying the right amount or you are already spending too much. You have to monitor to the last detail including your car insurance. Without regular monitoring, you might end up spending more on car insurance compared to the actual cost of the car. Here are some tips to help you save money on your car insurance:

Learn to compare

Before committing to one car insurance company, you need to compare the offer of one company to other companies. Don’t hesitate to visit as many insurance companies as you can. You’ll find out later on that there is a significant difference in terms of prices. Remember that that the insurance industry is a very competitive field and because of the competition, you can have a lot of companies to choose from.

Reputation do matter

For some people, reputation may not be important but when you are choosing a car insurance company, you have to consider this also. You need to know everything about the reputation of the car insurance company that you plan to hire for your new car. Always pay attention to ratings given by other customers, take time to read reviews and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Learn to scrutinize the packages being offered

Read your car insurance policy carefully

Read your car insurance policy carefully

To attract more customers, car insurance proposals are usually marketed in packages. Don’t be blinded by these packages. They usually include discounts and other offers that come with the actual car insurance. Don’t be blinded by these discounts. Learn to scrutinize all the details of the package being offered. You might see only the discount but you failed to notice other fees that when added together actually make the package cost more than other packages. In fact, look for packages that offer higher deductibles. Deductibles refer to the amount of money that you pay when you become involved in a crash or a vehicular accident.


Installing SatNav technologies will lower your premium

Installing SatNav technologies will lower your premium

Many of the insurance companies today offer a black box insurance policy or telematics to their clients. When the customer agrees to the terms, they usually require the driver of the vehicle to install a GPS device to their car so that the company can monitor how the vehicle is being driven. As long as the device is being installed, this will lower the cost of the car insurance while the driver keeps the car well and drives safely. In fact, Sat Nav technologies have changed how car insurance policies are being developed nowadays.


These are the things that you need to consider when looking for the right car insurance company. Remember that paying for the insurance is already an added expense so you have to make sure that you don’t pay too much and at the same time, you get the most out of the money that you pay for the insurance. Vigilance is the key even in looking for the best car insurance policy.

Pros And Cons Of Relying On Video Marketing If You’re A Small Business Owner

Social Media is the best tool for business nowadays

Social Media is the best tool for business nowadays

Video based marketing had taken over conventional content marketing long back especially for big businesses. But with the advent of social media platforms like `Medium’, `Facebook’ etc many small businesses are too taking the root of video based business marketing in the hope of coping up with the industries’ big fishes. Although from a rational point of view it can be said that cheap online video based business marketing would be more effective in leaving a strong impression on the consumers, but in reality there are a number of factors that affect the success or failure of video marketing for small businesses. Understanding the consumer psyche is very important for the small business owners before trying out this form of marketing. There are many pros and cons that are attached with the video marketing trait for small businesses that have been discussed here.


  • Videos instantly make your marketing efforts look `classy’
  • You can get to clients all over the world

    You can get to clients all over the world

    Small businesses usually find it hard to compete with big multinational companies. These small businesses don’t have that overhead to implement marketing strategies that would look at par with those of big companies. Therefore video based marketing can help them in successfully catching consumer attention of they have invested in quality video marketing.

  • Marketing can be highly successful if you get good viewership
  • Video based marketing helps the small business owners to reach out to a bigger part of audience. Also, luck plays a role too. If your video is enticing enough then it would get thousands of views too irrespective of the fact that you’re a small business owner. The bias can be effectively eliminated between big and small companies if focus is laid in making the video content capturing and interesting.


  • Don’t expect people to signup, be ready to pay the costs
  • Many videos that’re uploaded on You Tube or other social networking communities ask for user signup before allowing viewing. This restrictive viewing can put of a lot of potential consumers because they won’t be interested in doing efforts to view the video content of a less known business service. You would have to bear the costs associated with video marketing too.

  • Your videos might not be responsive and `all time’ reachable
  • Make sure it can be opened in all devices

    Make sure it can be opened on all devices

    Don’t expect that people would browse your video material through their Desktop PCs or laptops only. Nowadays most of the consumers prefer to watch video content using their Smartphone devices. But the video content launched by a small business as per marketing gimmick may not be of that high quality responsiveness that it would offer comfortable viewing on all types of Smartphone devices.

    So, after considering all the above points it is clear that video based marketing can get really tricky if proper techniques aren’t implemented. Video marketing requires quality and small businesses can’t always take upon the financial costs involved with high quality video marketing. You should try to use videos along with marketing content to emphasize your stance. But solely relying on video marketing can leave you in a lurch if you’re a small business owner.

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